Well-being, meaningful moments, and a sense of community for the elderly

Sentina helps its customer organizations streamline their care work by implementing research-based, effective and meaningful activities, as well as tools to measure impact and increase transparency. Sentina aims to be the leader in well-being solutions for daily rehabilitation and recreation for the elderly in the markets where it operates.

Ethically tenable care of the elderly or people suffering from memory disorders requires more than just nourishment, shelter, basic hygiene and health care. To ensure holistic well-being in the final stages of a person's life there also needs to be a sense of purpose, joy, meaningful moments and community. Young or immigrant personnel do not always have the skills, time or shared history with the elderly to prepare and lead the right kind of activities.

Sentina’s cloud-based services offer a method with concepted reminiscence-, physical and cognitive exercises as well as music therapy and entertainment. The pre-generated daily contents allow all nursing home personnel to arrange and lead activities for elderly residents. The method uses the elderly person’s own life experiences as the main source of inspiration and builds on group dynamics, eye contact and triggering of mental associations.

Sentina is a family owned business based in the Helsinki Capital Region. Our clients are leading service providers in the public and private sectors of geriatric care.

Contact us: info@sentina.fi

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